A Few Random facts about me 🙂

Hi I am Jilly, I live in the UK with my Amazing husband and My two Puppy dogs.

My Blog is called Little Jilly Bean because my family call me Jilly-Bean and I am …well… Short.

I am a Cake Maker, Decorator and Eater ( which Explains why I am carrying a few extra pounds!)

I Like to believe I can sing like Mariah or Beyonce. My neighbors Don’t agree…..

If I wasn’t on the heavy side and so self conscious I would probably a Nudest….I just want to be Free.

I do Silly little voices to myself even when I type….


My husband and I had been trying for a family for 6 years and Got the saddening news that it just isn’t possible for us to conceive. I am certainly no writer but I started a blog as a way to cope and to vent. In the Darkest days of Our infertility I tried looking to the internet and found that there are a huge amount People out there that have fertility issues but never really felt like anyone had the same situation as me. In the beginning I didn’t want to here about the hopes of IVF, I wanted – Needed – someone who had survived being told that there was no Hope. I am not going to lie, A blog about anger Management might work just the same, in my personal experience there was just so much anger.

If another TTC or infertile person stumbles across this blog and feels less alone then this will all be worthwhile for me. 🙂

If you Don’t get my sense of Humor, and you think That I am a LOON – I would just Like to say to you…..  ‘ITs OK. I Totally agree!’



  1. Really great to find you. I have so many friends who deal with infertility and I am so glad you are giving a voice to your journey. I know so many people will be blessed by it!

  2. Love your blog and your sense of humor! I know what you mean about not wanting to hear about certain things (IVF) when other people try and offer solutions or comfort. Sometimes we just need someone to acknowledge our pain and heartache and cry with us. If we move on to medical intervention or adoption, it really is something we need to come to on our own timeline if we are ever ready for those things. Oh, and I think it is cool you’re from the UK. I live in Germany for now, so just across the pond. 🙂

  3. Oh Jilly, you sound just amazing and brave and funny and wonderful! Will join in on tea and scones please! 🙂 Love your writing and as much as your blog is for you, it’s made me feel less alone. Thank you, thank you, thank you xxxx

    1. TEA & SCONES ALL ROUND!!! Thank you Truly. It made me very emotional to hear that and your comments gave me a much needed perk today, so thank you, thank you, thank you, back. 😉

  4. Hi Jilly Bean! I LOVE your blog and definitely can relate to your posts. I look forward to following your journey:) It’s tough being in this fight…and yes I agree it is a fight EVERY DAY but makes it a tiny bit easier knowing that others feel the same way. xo

  5. It’ll be good to read a blog from another in the “no hope” category. I very much relate to your difficulties with reading about IVF. Sometimes I struggle to empathize as much as I would like to with women in the midst of IF treatment because I am jealous that they still have a hope that I will never have again. Sorry to meet others in the same circumstance, but I look forward to seeing you blog!

  6. Hey, thanks for the ‘follow.’ I’m just catching up a bit on your story. Sorry you were dealt such a blow – words like ‘can’t’ and ‘never’ don’t sit well with me either. But you seem to have a resilient spirit and a good attitude. Wishing you well on your journey!

  7. Hi littleJillybean, thanks for the follow! I believe it’s not an accident to find each other in our blogs. I can totally relate to your articles.. starting to read them. ironically i am happy and sad as i relate to you, i can feel your pain (i almost cried to one, just held my tears back) but I am happy knowing that i am not alone (as a woman) in this struggle. that i shouldn’t acknowledge the “stigma” that i perceive this to be. and getting to know you through your blog encourages me as well to keep my hopes up just as you keep yours. Thanks! and *hugs*

  8. Delighted to have followed you back here from my blog, and I’ll certainly stick around and get to know you! I’m kind of at the opposite end of the spectrum from you—past menopause and childless by choice. But even though every single one of us has unique struggles of health, life choices, and more, that nobody else experiences exactly the same, we are mostly very much alike in our hearts: we love, we yearn, we grieve, we get angry, we make incredibly stupid mistakes, we lose, and we yearn and love again. You will never be alone, no matter how different our paths are. Know that you’re in good company, and wherever your path takes you, your wit and strength will pull you through it with just a little help when you ask for it!

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