I Haven’t wanted to write… I haven’t wanted to talk. I Have no News. I don’t feel Better.

I’m Angry. I’m Angry that i’m Angry.

In my heart I know there is a plan but I would really love to know what it is… but in the mean time there is anger and a whole lot of hurt. I don’t like allowing this person who has taken over me to write, as the real me is a happier person… but the real me is on vacation, i think… hopefully ready to come back soon.

The real me still Peeks in on all my word press family and is silently wishing you guys all the best with everything you have going on. I Promise I won’t be lost forever, But for now I shall remain silent…

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  1. I totally understand this! I’m sending you lots of love and hugs today! Take all the time you need for yourself. This is not an easy journey! xoxo

  2. I’m sorry you are struggling, but if silence is what makes you feel good these days, then that is exactly what you need. Own it! I’m ready to hear your funny way of story telling when the real Jilly gets back from vacation. In the meantime, hugs and positive thoughts sent your way! ❤

  3. I understand your pain and anger. I often have these feelings, especially around that time of month which let’s face it is our least sane time of month anyways. I find myself retreating from everyone around me and hiding my face in books allowing my mind to get lost in the stories so that I don’t remember my own for a little while.
    I guess all I am trying to say is that I hear you and I feel you.

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