Taking My Own Advice.

I Booked my holiday!!!

It’s not till June, But its booked. No Compromises, 2 weeks in the sun – first class flight, 5 star hotel….. Bliss.

Believe me we need it! I feel I have something solid to aim for. Hopefully this is the push I need to get back into shape! I’m Aware that I have been in a constant crappy mood for the last month, and have seriously dragged my feet with most things – especially the baby shower, I picked a date and that was about it! It is only a few weeks away and i really need to get a wriggle on – I haven’t even invited the guests..  OPPss.

SO the one thing that is guaranteed to make me feel better is baking – I don’t mean as work – I do that everyday. Not For someone else’s specifications, For Me – just plain old baking. Me in my kitchen whipping up a storm just because I can.

Annddd… Then I gave them away… because I can’t eat them…because I look hideous in a bikini….. and because i’m sure one just wouldn’t be enough!

Here’s to carrot sticks……



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