Coming off hold.

Our lives have been on hold without us even realizing it. It feels like we are waiting for something that you don’t even know is going to arrive.

I am not ready to give up on my dreams of a family but I need to find some new dreams too. Focusing on work has helped, Alot, but I need more from my life, I don’t think anything will fill this huge hole missing in our hearts but I want to start enjoying myself  whole heartedly again.

We can do anything.  This particular realization is really bitter-sweet as I actually can’t do everything, so maybe we’ll just start small.

Maybe we will take a trip. Maybe I will take up jogging – however unlikely, I Could….

I Don’t want to get to an age and be thinking where has my life gone? I want to have stories coming out of my ears and a 1000 ‘once in a lifetime’ experiences and spend forever with the love of my life, Who I am lucky enough to have found already.

If My life Doesn’t play out the way I always thought it would, it doesn’t mean it has to be a bad life, Right?

Time For Re a Focusing on the Good… Again 🙂



  1. I totally agree and I’m in that same place. I am not even close to giving up on my dream of becoming a mother, but I was just telling my husband the other day that I need to do more…he and I need to do more…we need to travel more…date more, etc. Right now, if we were to have kids, we would have maybe two cool stories to tell them of what we did in the eight years we were married and without kids. So we have decided to start taking regular vacations even if they are just small weekend getaways.

  2. I absolutely get this! We are dealing with the same thing and working to live again. We make a point to go out with friends, I drink alcohol and coffee whenever I want, etc. We are still struggling with making longer term plans because of our RPL history we know when we get pregnant I’m not allowed to do much of anything. Buy we are trying to live in more then 2 week intervals.

  3. It’s so hard to stay in the present and not get caught up in possible futures, but good for you for taking a step back and deciding to take your life off hold for a little while–definitely not an easy task. You might as well have fun while you wait for your dreams to come true! When I was trying to get pregnant with my daughter, the only thing that truly took my mind off of everything was travel. My husband and I went on a trip to Iceland and–wow!–it was amazing. There’s just something about being in a beautiful place that makes it impossible not to live in the moment.

  4. I agree, and have found that refocusing my energy into other things(other than TTC and baby plans)has really helped. I am less obsessed with all things TTC and I feel better too! Good luck!

    1. This really Gave me a lot to think about. I had never considered my husband and I as a family before, We just seemed to be one or two members short. But you are indeed right! Thank you xx

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