With Love.

Like promised my Down days are slowly coming back up.

I realised that I have been kinda dumb – why on earth did I shy away from the one place where people fully understand?!

I have been on a downer and have been viewing everything in grey. I have been sulking and bitchy and not the sort of person I like to be. I am starting to see colours again and this week I laughed till I nearly wee’d. I have bitten off slightly more than I can chew this month but being busy is a good kind of distraction, I have cakes to bake and party’s to plan but for the first time in a while I can honestly say that I am loving every minute of it.

I am so grateful to the people that have taken the time to comment on my blog – each and everyone of you filled me with love and support, I can’t express how emotional your kind words made me and thanks to you all, my friends, I am feeling Like I can handle being human again!

I can’t promise that there are not more dark days to come but am confident that I can learn from my mistakes and I vow that I won’t run and hide from my feelings!

So again Thank you, You lovely people.



  1. Good to see you back here! There will certainly be dark days….days where all you do is cry, but those will surely be outweighed by days of pure happiness and joy. When you get down try to think of something positive you did that day. Some days my positive is I got out of bed.

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