Just keep smiling…

It has been oneee tough week. Making a concious effort to Smile and laugh more but my heart is still taking some convincing.

I Did what I needed to do, I went to visit and congratulate my pregnant friend. I suppose I had something to prove. I needed to remind myself of a few things, one in particular – She deserves it.

It doesn’t matter how much I hurt or how much I physically ache for a family, it does Not mean that she shouldn’t have one. Seeing how happy she is, how could anyone wish that away?!

It was easier this time – weather its because i’m getting emotionally stronger or just the fact that she doesn’t know that we can’t have children ourselfs?

Either way I struggled through it like I always do and although It hurts, Alot,  Now hopefully if I start to have some envious thoughts I can quickly squash them with the image of my dear friends joy.

I Hope.



  1. so proud of you!! I will be writing a post soon on rejoicing when others rejoice and why it’s so important in the eyes of God. It’s a toughie at times for me fo’sho! hugs! xo

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