Another New Day

After my Latest “episode” I have decided that I have been way to sad for way to long. My saddness is not going to go away because I suddenly decide it should, but the Happiness is never going to come back unless I start making a little space..

I cant tell you how many times I have re-invented myself but This time is different. My goals are realistic, Im not trying to lose 50lb in a week or magically grow 6 inches over night. I just need to be level again, I lost my balance and have been clinging on for dear life.

OK..OK… Really I have just been wallowing.

Im starting with some simple changes which I can continue to build on.

Get dressed every day, Pyjama Days/Weeks will soon be a thing of the past!!

Treat my husband more, hes an amazing guy he deseves more than putting up with me!

 Stop watching things like Extreme makeover, Secret millionaire or things that literally make you A weeping mess. In fact stop watching any TV that causes your brain to slowly trickle out your ears and/or nose.  Im sure it can happen…

 Find something to laugh at every day. 

  Childish I may be but this did give me a giggle…




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