Crazy Dreams, Nightmares and something Wonderful.


When i was a little girl i got terrible night terrors and when woke up, i would then have panic attacks about the nightmares, then I got panic attacks about going to sleep just in case i had the night terrors. Basically I did not sleep well. 

I Never grew out of the night terrors but i did grow up, i was able to tell the difference between waking and sleep. I stopped believing that the monsters in my dreams are real, so when i Do wake up its over. Every now and then i go through a phase of dreaming that is so real i cry and yell out. These phase’s last anywhere between 1 or 2 weeks. Every night.

I feel so silly as I am not a child any more, but getting stressed about sleeping is ridiculous to me. I Know i say I’ve stopped believing in the monsters, but even more irritating, my brain always manages to find something else, something I did not even know i feared, to haunt my dreams.

The dreams are not always bad dreams just strange… Very strange. Dreams that jump from scene to scene like clips from several different movies. One second I am being pampered and fed grapes the next I am in a jail begging for my freedom then i am being dragged away by a tsunami…?!!? I know right, Crazy!!!  The tsunami part is not a total mystery to me, Being a control freak my biggest fears are situations that i can not control i.e Natural disasters. 

Ok so explain the month where i dreamt of nothing but dinosaurs? Each different scenarios but always dinosaurs.  According to different dream interpretations I was dreaming of things that could be emotionally ‘eating me up’. LOL

Dinosaurs. For A Month! = Crazy!

Anyway last week I had and amazing dream, and anyone that knows me also knows that good dreams are meant to be celebrated!

My dear Husband and I took our self’s off for a night away at the seaside, and spent the night in a beautiful beach front hotel. That night My Great grandmother, from Heaven, visited me in a dream. I am not saying that I saw her Ghost, I am positive that it was a dream, but even so it was incredible to see her and to hear her voice again only for a few seconds, even if she was scolding me for leaving my washing on the floor. When i awoke my heart feeling heavy, happy and sad altogether, it was still night, and not to dis-obey my much missed granny i got up in the dark and tidied away my clothes – Folding them back into my suitcase as i cried. I did a final sweep of the room to check i had not missed anything and climbed back into bed and had the best sleep i can remember in a long time.





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